more than 300,000 vets die waiting for VA care

Now it’s negligent homicide. The Obama administration has been well aware of the fraudulent records generated to hide the neglect and the horrendous backloads in the VA system. NOTHING was done. People should have been fired and put in jail for this.

I guess Obama didn’t think it was such a big deal. as more than that are killed by Planned Parenthood every year check here. Perhaps the tax money given to Planned Parenthood would be better spent on  providing private physician care to our veterans after dissolving the VA bureaucracy to get it out of the way,

I wonder what it takes to get somebody impeached.

I thought you might be interested in this article IG report: 300,000 vets died while waiting for health care at VA.
More than 300,000 American military veterans likely died while waiting for health care — and nearly twice as many are still waiting — according to a new Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general report.
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