November 9, 2016 : The New World is Rediscovered

I believe the election was a referendum on corruption-Republican,  Democrat, Financial world,industry, academia.image-1
Not just the United States. Other nations will have to join us.

Through a renewed dedication to freedom and responsible governance, we may work together to make all nations great again.
 Change will bring disruption. unfortunately, some sabotage.
Keep the faith. Pray. have patience. persevere.

All he Really should have Known About Economics

allyoureallyneedtoknow What Do They Teach in Economics at Harvard? Do graduates
REALLY believe:

• You can spend yourself out of debt;
• The best way to cure poverty is to “tax the rich” and wealth will
“trickle up” from the less successful;
• Government can “create jobs” by spending your money for you;
• Printing paper money will create confidence in the market;
• Politicians are more trustworthy than business people;
• That Socialism works or has ever worked;
• Bureaucrats care more about you than your doctor does;
• Socialized medicine that bankrupted other countries will somehow work
better here?
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Obamacare implodes-high cost, participants get less care

“Every system does what it was designed to do.” Obamacare was designed to fail and force us into full government control. If we don’t stop it.

Highlights from the New York Post:

Betsy McCaughey

Betsy McCaughey

Insured through work? imposes new taxes ,penalties and regulations that make this impossibly expensive

Working part-time? Hundreds of thousands of workers have had their hours cut to avoid employer participation.

Job-hunting? ObamaCare dampens the job market. employers are eliminating jobs to get below 50 employees and avoid the mandates.

Sixty-five or older? ObamaCare awards bonus points to hospitals that spend the least per senior. “Death Panels” make seniors wat too long and they die.

A physician? plan on typing redundant info into your computer instead of discussing with your patients.

Refusenik? If you’re uninsured and refuse to buy ObamaCare, the average penalty is $995 per adult, $500 per child.”

Clinton promises to expand this disaster. Trump promises to repeal and replace with free choice market solutions.

It would be best for Obama if this was dumped under the rug.